Recently world champion with Vitality, the French player Fairy Peak shares with us his unconditional love for his game, Rocket League.
Fairy Vitality

Victor “Fairy Peak” – Pro-gamer

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But in the proper sense of the word.

I spent so many hours on Rocket League without realizing it. Pleasure has always been there.

It all started in 2015 when I heard about the release of this new kind of game. As soon as I got back from vacation, I decided to get serious with some friends. Overtime, from regular games to ranked games, we became better. We then decided to participate in the first online tournaments organized.

We quickly realized that our level was not incredible, but we were having so much fun that it was normal for us to continue to participate in online tournaments that were making us progress.

So it was this notion of fun that launched me into this game, associated with the possibility of playing with friends. I was having so much fun, and that’s still the main reason why I spend so many hours playing RL.

During this period of my life, I was still looking for myself, between studies and difficulty to find my way in a traditional environment. I was lucky to have parents who believed in me. After winning small tournaments here and there, we decided with my mother that I could start a pro career. I had a lot of questions about my future, and then I saw that all the criteria were there, so I put myself to the test. Today, she is very supportive of me.

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There is no other game similar to Rocket League. Very few players come from other games, as it can be the case for FPS where we often see former CS:GO pros move to PUBG, for example. All the players know each other; we almost all started at the same time.

Despite our differences, the pros in the Rocket League scene have some similarities. I don’t like soccer or cars, and yet this combination of both has attracted me and a good part of my opponents.

I enjoy this game a lot because it combines skills, patience, and reflection while taking away the randomness. This lack of RNG is something that drives me crazy about this game. Your car is managed 100% by you, and if you are superior, you win, that’s how it works on RL.

For me, there is no better feeling than putting a great goal in a big tournament, it’s something unique. You can see my emotion on the World’s videos, I hit my chair almost at every goal!

I’m very homey, but when you know that you’re going to live 1 week in New York and play in front of thousands of people to represent your country and your team, it is something else. It’s a dream and I don’t have a word to describe the sensations I have at those moments.

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Large teams such as TSM or C9 have also joined Rocket League. The competition is therefore evolving significantly, and this bodes well for the future. I have a lot of admiration for teams like C9 which manages to stay together for so long and show that they are still as tight as ever. Being at the top level, not going to see if the grass is greener elsewhere and getting along so well, it’s inspiring for me.

We have the same state of mind at Vitality with a friendly atmosphere and a lot of mutual support. We always try to strengthen our daily ties, especially during Bootcamps, which is an opportunity for us to have different activities.

I believe I have found the team that suits me after few failures in my previous structures. We’re doing very well, and I hope this is will continue. But the most important thing is that we are all friends.

It is perhaps this sacred union between players that allows us to have good moments of rivalry with the opposing teams even if the atmosphere remains very friendly. There are sometimes times when we trash talk, as in traditional sports. We like to look for each other too, it’s funny. It allows you to relax before a big competition, like Kaydop, which used to send “Can’t Stop the Kaydop,” snaps during the RLCS.


As I said, Rocket League is one of the few games with an esport scene where the presence of the RNG is non-existent. This pushes all players to continually surpass themselves to be at the top level. After a big competition, if you lose, you know that it’s all your fault, you can then analyze why you failed, without blaming the game.

It adds extra pressure, but at the same time, it confirms us to know that victory or defeat will depend on how you played. This is one of the strengths of our game, not depending on a random event and I hope it will continue in the future.

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This inevitably raises the question of whether games with a big RNG are legitimate on the sports scene when you see some substantial cash prizes. You can ask yourself many questions about these competitions where luck could be as important as your level. On Rocket League this is not the case. And I don’t know if I could accept this randomness.

In order for Rocket League to compete with the top games like Fortnite or League Of Legends, it will be essential to implement online tournaments for players. Currently, there are only ranked games to compete against other opponents in order to get a ranking.

This would take the competition to another level and encourage more players to pursue a possible professional career. Tournaments should not be limited to professional players only.

The esport scene of Rocket League is in full development; this is confirmed again recently with the acquisition of Psyonix by Epic Games. I believe that this can only be beneficial with an increase in the resources put in place.

I hope that the cash prizes will increase, in order to encourage the players, even if for me, it is above all the taste of competition that will take over. But I can understand that money is an essential source of motivation. And the famous online tournaments should also arrive to continue the growth of the gaming community.

Since the beginning of my career, I have never stopped having fun. Even after hours and hours of play, and tryhard until the early morning, I still like to play with friends in Rocket League.

This game, so unique in itself, allows me to live from my passion today. And what could be more beautiful than finishing 1st, in the biggest tournament organized on the game, the RLCS.

With my Vitality team, we started together and triumphed together. We have gone to the end of our dreams, our limits, in order to achieve this result.

It’s also being a pro Rocket League player, knowing how to surpass yourself every day, in order to be the best, in a game where RNG has no place.

Only skill counts.


translation by Sans Filtre’s team (be kind with us )😉

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