The number of jobs in esport almost doubled in 2019

A look back at HitmarkerJobs’ latest infography, which show positive signs for the world of employment in esport.
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According to a study conducted by HitmarkerJobs, the number of job openings in the esports industry increased by 185% worldwide in just few months for 2019.

There are several interesting points to remember from the infographic above. In terms of number, job offers doubled to more than 4000 over the same period.

The most common age of job seekers in this sector has also seen some changes, it attracts more people over the age of 25, especially in managerial occupations.

Rich Huggan, CEO of HitmarkerJobs, commented on the results: “It is incredibly exciting to see so many jobs opening up in the esports industry, giving more and more people the opportunity to turn their passion into a career.”

The infographic shows incredible growth in just 12 months, although more work needs to be done to address the gender distribution of job seekers, there has been some evolution from previous years.

Streamer women like Aayley denounced these inequalities between men and women that were still too present in esports.

We also see that the United States is a hotbed for the industry; they contain more than half of all jobs on the Web. The number of career opportunities in the USA doubled in the first half of 2019 alone.


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France, an Eldorado in the making of employment esport

In the French market, esport is also experiencing an impressive growth.  During 2019, there were approximately 150 job offers related to the esport, and more than 500 related to video game.

With the creation of “Level 256” at the end of last year, an incubator dedicated to esport created by Paris & Co, France is clearly showing its ambitions to make Paris the capital of esport.

To train for these new professions, specialized schools called “Gaming Schools” have begun to open. These new generation schools promise professional training to young people, mostly in a specialized branch of the video game world or on general management aspects.

This topic has made a lot of noise, especially in the program Domingo Radio Stream (NRJ) show, some streamers do not hide their mistrust, like Sardoche:
“I find that Gaming Schools lie to players, trying to pretend to be a school like any other, while in other institutions, in the end you acquired skills and a diploma. Now you have nothing. To be a professional player, you need, above all, talent. »

Domingo also reacted cautiously: “In the end, it’s mostly a mix of many things, success in this environment, luck, talent and opportunities. I’m afraid these schools promise something uncertain. »

In recent years, esport has helped to create many jobs, and has clearly imposed its position in the economy. With the creation of schools training for these professions, and the integration of “esport” options, France wishes to be part of this digital evolution.

With the recognition by the USA of players as professional athletes, and the arrival of employment contracts in France, esport is only at its beginning, and yet this sector is already shaking the entertainment industry.

An evolution that we did not imagine so fast only a few years ago and which could allow many enthusiasts to find a professional future in this sector.

Akram Rahiel.

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